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Welcome to Dolphins International School

Message From Desk

The most powerful tools of change throughout history have usually been ahead of their times.

Mr. Raj Somwanshi

Education is the essential ingredient that keeps the wheels of progress and development of a person running smoothly. Primary aim of education is to upgrade one's life and humanize it. The youth of a country are the leaders and trend setters of tomorrow. It is imperative that the youth be targeted to develop their physical, intellectual, spiritual and patriotic dimensions in order to be effective and useful for the nation.

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in a child". It has been proved that a number of times particularly in the recent Common Wealth Games, 2010 that our youth constitutes an immense reservoir of strength which if properly chanalized can prove to be a source of great power to the nation. Our institution tries to fulfilll the above aims and to prove our National Motto "Satyameva Jayatey naniritum" means Truth alone triumphs not falsehood.

I feel honored to recall the students performance in academics, sports and other co-curricular activities. Science & other exhibitions are organized in the school premises to encourage the creative talents of the students.

May Dolphins ever remain a treasured institution where children learn the basics of good behavior, study to achieve goals and practice to be good citizens of the society.

Vision & Mission

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"We are committed to grow internationally as the center for excellence by providing opportunities in a safe, secure and thriving environment to all the students to achieve more than they believe they can We will enhance and explore our values to promote internationalism on a local & global stage. Our passion, sincerely, devotional and discipline will take us there."